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Level 1 DVD Course Contents and Sample Clips

The 4 DVD's in the Level 1 DVD Home Study Course Include:

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Welcome From Developer David Hulse
Mark Twain, Disclaimer, Hubble Tuning Fork

Manual Section 1: The Birth of SomaEnergetics

Dr. Hulse’s Journey of Discovery, The Birth of SomaEnergetics, Nature and Sound

Manual Section 2: The Solfeggio Frequencies
Ancient Healing Codes Revealed in the Bible, Definitions of the Solfeggio Tones in the Medieval Latin, Numbers Chapter 7 King James Version, Deciphering the Six Frequencies, The Importance of the 3, 6, and 9, Just Intonation and 12-Tone Equal Temperament, How Different Tones Affect Our Health.


2 Min Sample Video showing interactive graphics and slides during lecture portion that follows the included manual.

Windows Media - 5 MG
Real Networks - 5 MB
MPEG4/Quicktime - 6 MB


Manual Section 3: Scientific Research
Sound Vibration and Form, DNA, The Power of Sound on the Body, Cymatics segments from award winning DVD Of Sound, Mind and Body, Dr. Alfred Tomatis: The Way We Listen, Refraction, The Endocrine System and The Pineal Gland, Integration.

Manual Section 4 - Energy Movement
Energy and Relationship. The Effect of Intent on Sound, Imagination and Technique, The Energy Channels of the Body, Chakras, Elements, Colors and the Original Frequencies

Imagination and Technique
Albert Einstein

1 Min sample video with David exploring his philosophy on Imagination as it relates to Technique.

Windows Media - 3 MG
Real Networks - 4 MB
MPEG4/Quicktime - 5 MB


Manual Section 5: SomaEnergetics Techniques
Outline of the SomaEnergetics Energy Techniques, Introduction Technique Demonstration, What is a Vibrational Tuning? Assessing Energy Levels, Affirming Protection, Setting Intention, Opening the Session, Activating the Energy, ABBC’s, Closing the Session, Verifying Results, Final Instructions to the Client, Energy Vitality Technique Demonstration.

Manual Section 6 - Research and Support
Record Keeping and Compliance with Local Laws. Sample Client Statement and Agreement, Client Intake Form, Pre and Post Session Assessment, Additional Reading, Scientific Studies - Principles of SomaEnergetics, SomaShares - Experiences from other Practitioners and Additional Workshops available.

Technique with Narration

2 Min Sample Video showing David Hulse demonstrating the technique
with narration from the Manual text.

Windows Media - 6 MG
Real Networks - 6 MB
MPEG4/Quicktime - 7 MB


Bonus 90 Minute Demonstration:
Dr. Hulse will explain and demonstrate each step of the powerful Energy Vitality Technique and the importance of each step.

The Energy Vitality Technique
You may be tempted to start with this demo. We suggest that it will mean much more to you if you will first explore the foundation of SomaEnergetics shared on Disks 1-3.

Technique and Theory

2 Min sample video with David Hulse exploring his philosophy on setting the atmosphere prior to the technique

Windows Media - 6 MG
Real Networks - 5 MB
MPEG4/Quicktime - 6 MB

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