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MI 528 Hz Tuning Fork
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MI - 528 Hz Gold Tuning Fork

Online Price: $49.00

The "MI" fork - 528 Hz is tuned to the same frequency used by biochemists to repair DNA! This is the only Solfeggio Fork that we sell individually. Now Available in exclusively from SomaEnergetics in anodized Gold Color!

According to Dr Len Horowitz some leading genetic biochemists suggest frequency 528 is the miraculous repair frequency for damaged DNA. There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing. "We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn't lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music; these findings have been independently derived, peer reviewed, and empirically validated," Dr. Horowitz says.

The MI 528 Hz Tuning Fork is available as part of the Solfeggio Energy Tuners and is also included in the Personal Sound Therapy Kit.

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A few examples on how others have used the power of the MI Tuning Fork


Using the Mi Fork for Charging Food/Water/Yourself/The World

by Margarete Brandenburg

I keep the MI fork and a puck on our kitchen counter in the area where we prepare food or beverages. I’ve found that using it greatly increases the amount of light and vibration of the food and beverages.

I tend to do the following ‘incantation/prayer’ when using it - but none of this has to be repeated to a “T” – use whatever words you feel comfortable with. As I strike the fork and spin it about 4 inches over the food/beverage, I’ll often take the stem of the fork as it’s vibrating and place it on the plate or glass to increase the sound/vibration. I say the following “Om, Om, Om. Bringing in the Christ light, and into the heart of the Christ light I bring in the permanent atom of Metatron. Around that, bringing in the octahedron and spin it until it is beyond the speed of light. Living food, living light, living love - and my body and cells are full of the same - along with the rest of the world. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.”

You get the idea, saying Om or giving thanks to the Divine - it’s all the same - but I like the idea of invoking sacred geometry along the way. It may seem like this takes a lot of time to say - but it really takes under 5 seconds - and not only does the food/beverage get energized, but so do I, and the sound travels to the whole world in a stream of vibrations.

The Incredible Power of the MI - 528
by Lyndsey Watson

This little incident happened very soon after I and my big Samoyed dog, Tripper, had moved into Mary LoPiccalo’s Arizona home with her Schnauzer dog, Jazz, and cat, Zoe. The animals had been getting along fine except for Tripper and Zoe. Tripper LOVED Zoe and wanted so much to play with her, but he was just too big for her to trust that she wouldn’t get eaten alive. Most of the time she would just hide under my bed until the middle of the night when Tripper was behind closed doors.

This one bright, sunny afternoon in September about two weeks after our arrival, I was sitting out on the patio talking on my cell phone, drinking my morning cup of Joe. Tripper was hanging out, and Jazz was sitting ever so peacefully under Mary’s copper pyramid (Buddha that he is!). The automatic sprinklers had just come on creating a beautiful display of rainbows. Suddenly Zoe decided to come out from under the bed and into the yard through the carelessly left open door! Well, as you can imagine, mayhem ensued. Tripper started chasing Zoe who dashed to the tree and the wall in the corner of the yard; I threw down my cell phone, ran through the sprinklers and under the tree to grab Zoe and save her from Tripper’s threatening jaws. Zoe was terrified and so sank her teeth into my vulnerable shoulder. Blood spattered everywhere but I held on to her and slid my way into the house, slamming the door in poor Tripper’s excited face.

Cool-headed, fast thinker that I am, I got to the bathroom, swabbed my wound and saw it was quite a deep puncture. And, yes, it HURT. Thankfully I keep an extra MI (528 Hz) fork in my bathroom. After putting on some antibiotic cream, I struck the fork on my puck, waved the beautiful frequency over my shoulder a few times, then bandaged it.

MI is for MIRACLE. Twenty four hours later, I took the bandage off. The wound was healed — not crusted over, healed! I could barely see where it had been. Even I was amazed!

So I highly recommend everyone keep a MI fork ready in their first aid kit – you won’t be sorry!