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Custom Practitioner Apron
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Custom Practitioner Apron

Online Price: $60.00

When we started SomaEnergetics in 1999, David sometimes ended his private sessions with tuning forks everywhere! To address the issue, we developed this custom made practitioner apron.

These aprons are made of heavy-duty purple canvas and hold the 6 Solfeggio Energy Tuners as well as the “OM” Tuner and the Crystal Tuner. There is a pocket with velcro for the sounding puck built right in for easy sounding of the fork and freeing up your hands. Customized with the SomaEnergetics Logo. Straps measure approximately 72" total length.

The solfeggio tuning forks fit all the way into the pouches. Show here with 1 tine out for demonstration. (Forks/Puck Sold Separately). FYI - Apron material varies - current fabric is a deeper purple than shown here.

Also available as part of a combo pack.

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