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Discount Combo Packs - Our Best Value Deals!

Whether you just want to take advantage of a great deal on both sets of our exclusive Solfeggio Energy and Body Tuners, or are looking for the best deals available as your start your SomaEnergetics journey, we have a discount combo pack designed just for you. These deals can change at any time! If you have any questions, or prefer to order over the phone, feel free to call us at 980-949-8921.

Duo Tuner Combo
Solfeggio Tuners Duo Kit

Energy Tuners + Body Tuners

Retail: $698 SALE: $522

Free Shipping within the US!

Phase 1 Basic ComboPhase 1 DVD Basic

Energy Tuners + DVD Course

Retail: $598 SALE: $444

Free Shipping within the US!

Phase 1 DVD Plus ComboPhase 1 DVD Plus

DVD Basic + Pract. Pack*

Retail: $728 SALE: $555

Free Shipping within the US!

Phase 2 DVD Basic

Body Tuners Kit & DVD Course

Retail: $698 SALE: $533

Free Shipping within the US!

Add Phase 2 DVD to any kit $600 and above for only $199 - Save $100! Want a custom kit? Call 980-949-8921
Tuners Duo Plus DVD Combo
Tuners Duo + DVD Course

Energy & Body Tuners + DVD

Retail: $997 SALE: $666

Practitioner Kit Combo
Practitioner Kit

P1 DVD Plus + Body Tuners

Retail: $1137 SALE: $777

Practitioner Kit PLUS Combo
Practitioner Kit Plus

Pract. Kit + Apron + Stones

Retail: $1266 SALE: $888

Practitioner Kit Deluxe
Practitioner Kit Deluxe

$888 Kit + 2nd OM & MI, Solfa II

Retail: $1385 SALE: $999

Retail Pricing based on the following:

* Practitioner Pack includes:

Practitioner Kit add ons:

Additional Notes:

  • Save between 21% - 31%
  • Packs above $600 include a Tote Bag
  • If there is an item in a pack that you do not want, it is sometimes cheaper to purchase a lesser kit and then add the additional items you do want individually.
  • This is the most economical way to purchase Body Tuners as they average an additional $222 in these kits vs. $399 retail.
  • No bulk purchases allowed
  • Combo Kits not eligible for discount program

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For questions or to customize your order, please call us at 980-949-8921 or email