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Sound Therapy Practitioner Supplies and Miscellaneous Items

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From custom designed aprons to pendulums and crystals, Body Tuner Stones and review DVD sets, we have the support supplies you need for your Sound Therapy Practice.

Practitioner Apron
Practitioner Apron

~ Exclusive to SomaEnergetics ~

Price: $60.00

Crystals and Pendulums
Pendulums & Crystals

~ For Energy Readings ~

Price: $6.00 Each

Phase1 Review DVD Set
Phase 1 DVD Review Set

~ 6 Hours of Training ~

Price: $149.00

Phase 2 DVD Review Set

~ 4+ Hours of Training ~

Price: $149.00

Body Tuner Stone Set
Body Tuner/Chakra Stones

~ Use with Body Tuners ~

Price: $69.00

CE Admin Fee

~ Set of 6 for Energy Tuners ~

Price: $36.00

Special Order Payment
Special Order Payments

~ Unusual Payment Amounts ~

Price Varies

DNA-RNA-Pineal Gland Fork Set - Exclusive to SomaEnergetics
Tuning Fork Activator

~ For Weighted and Unweighted ~

Price: $15.00

CE Admin Fee
CE Administration Fee


Price: $10.00

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